Photo Album
Few shots of Inception workshop at AARM-AIT (Dec 6-8, 2005):

Project steering committee members discussed about the ways of effective launching of the project.

Curriculum Development Workshop (July 9 - 21, 2006):
Selected instructors presented the existing curricula to receive comments and suggestions from others. They discussed in a group
(themewise) to incorporate the comments. Finally, presented the improved sysalbi individually for the final comments.
Theme 6 - Fish Diseases & Fish Health
Theme 5 - Water Quality and
Environmental Management
Theme 5 - Aquatic Resources or
Fisheries Management
Few photos of group discussions during curriculum Development workshop

Theme 1 - Aquaculture Systems
Theme 3 - Fish Breeidng and Seed
Production/Hatchery Management
Theme 2 - Fish Nutrition, feed and
Feeding Management
Field trip: