Training Fees: Fees depends on the length of training as shown below:
          1-week (US$1,000)
          2-week (US$1,500)
          3-week (US$2,000)
          4-5 week (US$2,500)
          6-8 week (US$3,000)
          9-12 week (US$3,500)
  • Please note that above fees do not cover the followings:
  • Airfare and visa fee (we provide only invitation letter)
  • They should have insurance of their properties and also health / life insurances.
  • Accommodation (varies with the type e.g. US$50/day in on-campus hotel or US$200/month if longer term in student dorms.
  • Food (costs approx. US$2-3 a meal in student canteen and snack bar.
  • Participants will pay by themselves to the hotel, food vendors and others.
  • Participants are required to pay training fee via the wire / bank transfer, please request us for invoice. Other modes of payment e.g. credit card and
    paypal are also available, please contact us. In Thailand Visa, Amex, Master Cards are accepted in Thailand in shopping Malls and also in ATMs.

    Participants who are from the countries neither visas are exempted, nor from the countries which are listed in on-arrival visa, should arrange visa from their own
    country applying to Royal Thai embassy or Consulate. If there is no Thai embassy / consulate in the country, they should go to another country nearby. Please
    check here to see them: Also, participants need to keep in mind that it may take 3 days to arrange Thai visa. Those who are from the
    yellow fever declared countries (see list at: need a certificate of vaccination) and they have to show
    to the health control section before heading to immigration counters:

    Upon arrival
    Travel from Airport to AIT: Go to one floor down to catch 'PUBLIC TAXI'. Tell them at the counter you want to go to 'AIT'. The staff will give you a paper. Taxi may
    ask you to negotiate when you start. But tell the driver go by METER and via 'MOTORWAY'. Taxi fare to AIT should be around 300-400 Baht (or US$10-15). You
    will need to pay 33 Baht (=US$1) as tollway fee twice and 50 Baht as service fee on top of the amount showed by the taxi meter. It should not take more than an
    hour. At AIT gate tell them you are going to 'AIT Center'. If you face any problem, please show our telephone numbers to the driver.
    Chaleo: + 66 (089) 816 7712, Lucia: +66 (087) 803 1116, Ram: +66 (081) 734 6934.

    Money matter:
    Except in tourist areas and hotels, no other currencies are accepted. Airport is the best place to change money. You should change at least US$200 so that you
    do not need to worry about payment at least for few days. Exchange rates of all banks at the airport and outside are same. Most credit cards accepted in Thailand
    and also there are cash vending machines / ATMs with signs of visa, master or others all over Thailand. American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand dollars,
    Euro, Sterling pound, Chinese and Indian currencies are also are accepted in banks.

    AIT has a 3-star equivalent on-campus hotel which includes broadband LAN connection or wifi and swimming pool.
    Price: Approximately US$50/night (two persons can share).
    To reserve rooms, please write to:

    AIT is about 60 km north from the Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) International Airport and approx. 1 hr by taxi. Similarly, its only 42 km north and 1-hr by car, bus and
    minivan from down town Bangkok (Victory Monument).

    Thailand is a tropical country. Weather in Bangkok and around is always hot (up to 35 deg C). There is no winter, lowest temp is about 20 deg C. No need to pack
    think clothes e.g. sweater, jumpers, jackets. etc. Instead light clothes, umbrella, hat etc would be useful.

    Casual dress, easy to work in the field and even in ponds, other items e.g. hand globes, shoes covering angle, hat/cap, sun glasses, sun-lotion and insect
    repellent would be helpful. A laptop, CDs/memory stick, camera and mobile phone will be useful. Local SIM (prices normally 49 Baht or 99 Baht) can be
    purchased at the airport or any convenient stores including Family mart, 7-Eleven or simple vendors. Choose your favourite number, ask how much top-up you
    want and give your mobile set every will be done in a minute or two.

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