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    It is our great pleasure to inform you that we assisted 145 MSc students of Asian partner institutions through internship to work and get
    experience from the real world. Nearly 20 students from Europe, USA and other countries have also got benefit of internship in Asia.
    We are expecting many more. Every month, our project page receives over 1,000 hits.

    We offer a wide range of opportunities of experiential learning. A number of placements and their services and facilities are offered by
    our partners for you. You can do your research (experimental trials or questionnaire surveys) or simply community services working on
    a day-to-day basis. Please take a look by clicking "Placements" button. You can scroll through the placements. Select one suitable for
    you. Click on "Apply" button if you are interested to join our network of dynamic people.

    For more information and pass this information to others, Click here and download the brochure.
    You can also hear from the interns who are in the filed and read many reports what they have been doing by clicking here or by clicking
    on the 'Reports' button on the left.

    Aqua-Internship Coordinator presented paper on Aqua-Internship program during ASEM-Aqua and/or Aqua-tnet progress meeting in
    Faro, Portugal during September 7-9, 2011 providing detailed information. About 100 lecturers / professors and industry from Europe
    Universities actively participated during the workshop organized as part of the progress meeting of Aqua-tnet project, funded by EU
    under FP7 program.

    If you have any queries please feel free to send us by clicking on "Contact us" button. Thank you.

    Interns News!

    Mr Peter Allen from Canada has joined internship program from April 2013 for about 6 months. He is having orientation at AIT and will
    be working at AIT and Nam Sai Farms to learn about tilapia hatchery and other aquaculture farming.

    Mr Robby Woodruff from USA has joined the internship program at AIT from mid-January 2013. He will be assisting aquaponics trials
    and tilapia hatcheries at AARM.

    Mr Pablo Modernel from Uruguay has completed his internship in December 2012. He carried out a work on carbon footprinting of
    tilapia farming systems. He was based at AIT and has produced a good paper on the needed work.

    Mr Mebratu Awot Teklu, from Ethiopia enrolled as MSc program at Ghent University joined internship at AIT for about 6 weeks who
    learned about tilapia hatchery system at AIT and preparing a paper to publish entitled, "Sustainable tilapia farming in Ethiopia".

    Mr George Owen (Harry), a fresh graduate of University of Sussex, United Kingdom has completed internship program in Nepal who
    started from beginning of March, 2012. He conducted a survey on women in aquaculture program and/or helped a professor of IAAS,
    Rampur various on-station and on-farm research projects.

    Two students, named; Milan van der Velden and Lennart Teunissen, from the University of HAS Den Bosch University of Applied
    Sciences, the Netherlands have joined internship at RIA1, Hanoi, Vietnam from mid-February, 2012. They will be helping a lecturer who
    is carrying out a research project on fish genetics/biodiversity.

    David Garcia Nieto from University of Barcelona, Spain joined internship from the end of January and completed early helping a
    scientist at WorldFish Center head office based in Penang, Malaysia.
    Alex Kent from UK completed internship from RIA1, Vietnam and Luca Miccichè a PhD student from Università di Palermo, Italy has
    joined internship in RIA1, Vietnam.

    Nicolas Mazurier from Spain completed volunteering work for Aquaculture without Frontiers project in Nepal (AwF-Nepal) in October
    2011. He will be working with women's group and conduct a socio-economic survey to assess the impact of the project.

    Mr Bram Bloks, a Dutch student at Wageningen University joined internship program and completed his work for AwF-Nepal project in
    Nepal from October 2, 2011 for about three months.

    Joshua Cantrill has gained his experience working at AIT as an intern from Mid-August, 2011.

    The Meridiun Group which established a tilapia hatchery in Chittagong, Bangladesh received the award for producing high quality
    tilapia fry from the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. The manager of the hatchery was trained at AIT just before starting the hatchery.
    Within third year the hatchery was able to achieve 'Second Best' in quality in the whole country.

    Txomin Azpeitia an intern from Spain conducted a trial comparing the efficacy of a herb compared to methyl-testosterone in tilapia fry.
    Results will be posted later.

    Mark Woollard from Plymouth joined internship program at AIT from March 2nd. While having experience in tilapia hatchery, he is also
    assisted to publish two articles and setting up of an aqua-ponic system at AARM Hatchery.

    Saloni Shivam from Tamilnadu India completed her two weeks internship at AIT in June and July. She started her internship in Nepal
    with IAAS and then to Bangladesh with Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU). One of her teachers will join AIT as an visiting fellow at
    from October until December 2011.

    Earlier Sonia and Susana from the same university in Portugal, who joined Aqua-Internship gave seminars. Please click on their
    names to watch their videos of their presentations. Sonia has also published a journal article. Please click here to read / download.

    Mikael Chavelley from Montpelier, France completed his internship and also graduated from his university. He met with Sonia and
    Susana, previous interns when they were at AIT for their internship.
    Click here to see the video...

    ISAFE Symposium!
    AARM-AIT successfully organized an International Symposium on Aquaculture and Fisheries Education (ISAFE) during 27 - 30
    November 2009.
    For more info click here.....        
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