Major events

Activity 1: Initiation, preparation and coordination
The project has been finally approved and launched since September 1, 2005. All the partner
institutions of the project have signed the MoU with AARM, AIT in order to formalize the cooperation.
This project has played a pivotal role in establishing a network or a link among the higher education
institutions of Asia and Europe with the commitment of improving and standarzing the curricula and
delivering the quality of education in aquaculture and aquatic resourcesmanagement.

Activity 2: Workshop I: Inception workshop

The inception workshop was held on Dec 6-8, 2005 at AIT, Thailand. Based on the workshop
decision, following instructors (table below) have been selected to participate for the curriculum
development (CD) process and will attend workshop to be held in July from 9 to 21, 2006 at AIT.
Activity 3. Preparation for the Curriculum Development workshop:

Visit of Asian Partner Institutions by the Project Coordinator and the Project Manager: Our main
objective of the visit is to create awareness about the project and its necessity or the importance, its
objectives and the methodology. The other objective is to build rapport with the administration and
the instructors who have been selected for the curriculum development process. We also aim to
gather baseline information and feed back on the academic structure, curricula offered by each
institution, delivery methods, support facilities and teaching aids from various sources including
students and alumni.
Activity 4: Workshop: II: Curriculum Development (CD) Workshop:

    Date organized: July 9 - 21, 2006
    Venue: Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand

    Main activities of the Curriculum Development Workshop:
    During the CD workshop, all the selected instructors presented their existing curricula and then
    received comments/feedback from other instructors as well as subject matter
    experts/resource persons. The instructors revised their curricula and have returned back to
    their respective institutions to teach the revised curricula or to test.

Activity 5: In-service support phase and case study development:

Experts from EU partner institutions and AIT will communicate with them and also pay visits to each
of the Asian partner institutions in order to provide extensive support or technical backstopping to
the selected instructors while they are using the new improved curricula.
They will record the
problems, if any, faced while using the improved curricula and bring those comments and
suggestions for the finalization and production of the modules.

    1. Visit to IAAS, Nepal: November 27 - December 1, 2006 and April 5- 10, 2007
    2. Visit to RIA1, Hanoi, Vietnam: May 21 - 26, 2007

    3. Visit to RUA, Phnom Penh, Cambodia - September 5-10, 2007

    4. Visit to UAF, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: November 13-17, 2007

               All the trip report - available on shared space

Activity 6: In-service support and case study development.. continued as above.

Activity 7: Reporting - has been done quarterly and annually

Activity 8: Modularization of the courses
    The new and improved syllabi of all the partner institutions have been compiled in a single CD
    Rom. A hard copy of which will be produced and distributed.

Activity 9: Final workshop III:
    The final workshop was held during July 30-31, 2008 in Green Park Resort, Pataya, Chonburi,
    Thailand in which almost all the instructors were present. A thorough discussion on the
    activities were discussed and also reviewed critically what worked and what didn't work. At the
    same time, potential new initiative or ideas were also discussed.

Activity 10: Preparation and dissemination of outputs

Activity 11: Final reporting - completed.
Visit schedule
    RIA1, Hanoi, Vietnam
    March 7-10, 2006
    RUA, Cambodia
    April 3 – 5, 2006
    IAAS, Rampur, Nepa
    June 20-23, 2006
    UAF, HCM, Vietnam
    June 7 – 9, 2006      
1. IAAS, Nepal
    Mr. Dilip Kumar Jha
    Ms. Sunila Rai
    Mr. Chudamani Pandey/Arbind Singh
    Dr. N. R. Devkota        
    Dr. Madhav K. Shrestha

    Fish Diseases
    Fisheries Management
    Hatchery Management and Seed Production
    Fish Nutrition
    Aquaculture Systems, Water Quality Managmt.
2. UAF, HCM, Vietnam:
    Dr. Le Thanh Hung
    Dr. Nguyen Huu Thinh   
    Dr. (Mrs.) Nguyen Phu Hoa
    Dr. Vu Cam Luong
    Dr. Nguyen Tuong Anh
    Advanced in Nutrition and Feeding of Fish & Crustacean
    Management of Environment for Aquaculture
    Fish Health Management
    Applied Endocrinology in Fish Breeding and Aquaculture
3. RIA No. 1 - Hanoi, Vietnam
    Dr. Nguyen Cong Dan
    Ms. Phan Thi Van
    Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Phuong
    Mr. Mai Van Tai  
    Dr. PA Tuan & Mr. Tran Dinh Luan

    Aquaculture Production Systems
    Fish health management
    Fish nutrition & Feeding
    Water quality management
    Fish breeding & hatchery management
4. RUA, Cambodia
    Mr. Chhouk Borin
    Dr. Chhourn Chamnan
    Dr. So Nam
    Dr. Touch Visalsok//No Sophearith
    Mr. Khov Kuong

    Aquaculture Production Systems
    Fish nutrition/fish breeding
    Fish genetics and breeding
    Post harvest of aquatic product/Water quality management
    Coastal zone management/Fisheries Management with
    special focus on freshwater