Development of Rural Aquaculture through
Entrepreneurship in Women in Myanmar


Target groups

  1. Fish farming with vegetables program
    specifically targets vulnerable farm households
    with reduce land availability and scarce
    resources with the goal to enhance own food
    production and market access.
  2. Fish, livestock and vegetable program targets
    women and vulnerable groups with no land and
    very scarce access to job. The goal is the
    improvement of food security and increased
    income through backyard productions.
  3. Integrated rice-fish culture groups focus on
    vulnerable farmers who can benefit from
    improved production through rice-fish
    integration or improved agronomic practices in
    rice paddies.

    Improving livelihood of the rural people through
    women's empowerment.


    1. Improving livelihood of families in rural areas by
  • generating income
  • improving nutrition
  • creating employment
    2. Contribute to women and family empowerment

    Problems to be addressed:
  1. Poverty of the people (<$1/day)
  2. Landless condition
  3. Limited credit access
  4. Un-skilfullness
  5. Limited job opportunities
  6. Limited mobility
  7. Scarce resources (rainfed agriculture)
  8. Limited market access

Project concept:
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Supported by
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Italy

Implemented by:
Department DAFNE, University of Tuscia (UoT), Italy
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), PO Box 4, Klong Luang, Pathumthani, 12120, Thailand
Environmental and Economic Research Institute (EERi), Union of Myanmar

In collaboration with
Yangon Region Government, Yangon, Union of Myanmar