Year I: 2013

     Activity 1: Inception Meeting:

     January 7-9:

    Field visit to identify problems and explore real field situations interacting with farmers. The Project Team met most
    of the 99 families living in 11 villages of Twantay Township.

    January 10: National Seminar

    Project inception was organized in Yangon during January 10-11, 2013 after the field the 3-day field visit (Jan 7-9) with the objective of
    making people aware of the project among public and also formulate strategic plans for the project implementation. As a part of
    inception meeting a national seminar was organized on January 10 which was inaugurated by U Myint Swe, Chief Minister of Yangon
    Region Government. The seminar was attended by more than 80 participants including farmers. The following is the list of attendees:

     1.        U Myint Swe, Chief minister, Yangon Region Government
     2.        U Hla Myint, Mayor, City Development Committee
     3.        U Nyan Tun Oo, Minister for Electricity and Industry, Yangon Regional Government
     4.        U Soe Min, Minister for agriculture and Livestock, YRG
     5.        U sein Tin Win, Chairman of Yangon Pyithu Hluttaw
     6.        Paolo Andrea Bartorelli, Ambassador of Italy in Myanmar
     7.        Maria Pia Dradi, Expert, Central Unit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome
     8.        U Kyaw Lwin Hla, Executive Director of Green Economy and Green Grow
     9.        Secretary of Socio-Economic uplift of Women, Myanmar Women Affair 4 Vice Presidents, Federation
    10.        3 Professors from Yangon University
    11.        4 Vice Presidents, MIEGA (Myanmar Institute of Economic Graduates Association)
    12.        8 representatiives from SMEs Devt Center.
    13.        U Than Zaw Han, Twantay Township Admistrator, and his Deputy
    14.        U Aung Than Oo, Department of Fisheries Officer, Twantay Township
    15.        U Myo Thu, Department of Agriculture, Twantay Township Manager
    16.        Dr Aue Thin Zar Khine, Dept of Livestock and Veterinary, Twantay Township
    17.        U Aye Myint, Director of National Engineering Planning Services
    18.        MRTV, MRTV4 and other news media
    19.        6 representative from Chin State
    20.        6 representatives from NGOs
    21.        EERi 8 staff
    22.        Over 50 farmers from Twantay Township
    22.        2 from UoT, Italy
    23.        2 from AIT, Thailand

    January 11-12: In-house Project Steering Committee Meeting
    Agenda discussed / agreed:
  1.      Review of activities
  2.        Selection of villages and farmers
  3.        Business Options
  4.        Activity scheduling
  5.        Project staff and responsibilities
  6.        Budget
  7.        Conclusions confirmation and agreement.

    January 16: Preparation and Delivery of Operational Plan (OP)

    On-going activities:
  • Data filing
  • Livelihood survey questionnaire development
  • Brochure / flyer publication
  • Training program / aids development
  • Dissemination / media roadshow

    Activities accomplished:

    1. Livelihood survey (to begin by the end of February)
  • on-going and almost completed.

    2. Training of Trainers and Farmers (Vegetables and Livestock) - After Mid-March
  • First part completed
  • Second part is scheduled during - end of April

  • Group 1: Training of Trainers and Farmers (Aquaculture) - at AIT, Thailand
  • Started from March 29 and will end by April 12
  • Participants are:
  1. U Than Zaw Han - Administrator of General Administrator Department, Twantay Township
  2. U Myo Thu – Staff Officer, Agriculture Department, Twantay Township
  3. Dr Aye Thinzar Khine –Staff Officer,Department of livestock and Fishery,Twantay Township
  4. U Aung Thaung Oo- Staff Officer,Departmanet of Fishery,Twantay Township
  5. Dr Win Myint - National Director
  6. Daw Ei May Khine - Project Secretory
  7. U Khin Maung Mya - Field Coordinator
  8. Daw Su Su Haling - Admin Support Staff
  9. Daw Nwe Nwe Tun - Field Manager, Aquaculture & Fisheries
  10. Daw Chaw Chaw Khin Khin - National Adviser - just visiting

  • Group 2: Training of Trainers and Farmers (Aquaculture) - at AIT, Thailand
  • Started from March 29 and will end by April 12
  • Eleven participants joined the training

    3. Promoting new technologies:
  • Aqua-ponics:
  • Indoor muschroom culture in simple
  • Monosex tilapia farming
  • solar drying for vegetables, fish or any other products.

    4. Supporting farmers to start agro-businesses:

    Farmers have been supported for some inputs such as vegetable seeds, prawn larvae, fish fingerlings, piglets, goat and so on.
    Farmers chose themselves what they want to do to earn income for the family.

    5. Gender analysis:

    A trip was organized during July 16-19, 2013 together with a Gender Expert from AIT to understand and analyze how the project is
    addressing the gender issues. At the same time, a to assist where more work is needed in order to achieve women's empowerment/
Project activities