Training Activities - previous participants

    Despite the devastation by the large scale flood in Thailand during Oct-Nov, 2011, Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management program and recently established "Aqua-Centre",
    was able to attract many trainees from around the globe in 2012. The first batch started in early March 5-17, 2012 immediately after completing the repair and maintenance of
    laboratories, field facilities and the tilapia hatchery, where the technology of mass production of high quality fry was developed. In 2012, total number of trainees reached 86 followed
    by 52 and 70 in 2013 and 2014 respectively. The number has jumped to 129 in 2015 as of July. A brief report is presented here. Please listen to the participants by clicking on their
    names and see the enlarged pictures by clicking on the them. More activities can also be found in facebook as well.

    Group 1: March 5-17, 2012 (Tilapia hatchery & grow-out farming)
    Four of the eight trainees were from Malaysia in the first group. Half of the trainees were from public and another 50% were from private sector as:
    1. Hoong Yip (WorldFish Center, Malaysia)
    2. Helal Uddin (Farm Owner, Bangladesh)
    3. Dr Padmawathy Rengen (Lecturer, India)
    4. Mr Goh Kue Hooi (City Marine Co., Malaysia)
    5. Mr Yap Tzuen Kiat (City Marine Co., Malaysia)
    6. Mr KA Saman Kasthurirathna (Govt. Staff, Sri Lanka)
    7. Samuel Agyei-Danso (Australia)
    8. Dr Abdullah Abd Rahim (Lecturer, Malaysia)

    Group 2: March 17 - 30, 2012 (Tilapia hatchery & grow-out farming)
    In this group, less than 50% (4) participants 4 were from government public sector and the remaining were from private sector. Participants country ranged from Southernmost
    continent (Australia) to northern Europe (Norway) and age ranged from just over 20 to over 60 years. More interestingly, three trainees were from Sultanate of Oman where aquaculture
    has been recently realized due decline in fish catch from the wild. The list is given below:

    Group 3: April 23 - May 5 (Tilapia hatchery & grow-out farming)
    The third group was dominated by African participants; four were government staff of Kenya and one participant from Nigerian private fish farm. Two European trainees were in the
    group who are interested in establishing farms in either Africa or in Asia. They are as follows:

    Group 4: May 7 - 12 (African Catfish & Pangasius breeding & grow-out farming)
    Fourth training group was for the Catfish and Pangasius farming; breeding as well as grow-out. This group was totally from the private sector including large corporate such as Cargill
    Inc. (Malaysia and Thailand) and Quality Breeds Bangladesh. Participants learn the theory in the classroom at AIT and then practiced hormone injection, stripping, larval rearing and
    packing in a nearby farm which has a tract record of selling 6 million catfish fry (2-day old) in a day.

    1. Anwarul Haque (Quality Breeds Co. Ltd., Bangladesh)
    2. David Thierry (Student, France)
    3. Mr Tan Choon Yau (Cargill Inc., Malaysia)
    4. Mr Yam Lit Foung (Cargill Inc., Malaysia)
    5. Tan Jin Bao (Cargill Inc., Malaysia)
    6. Chantana Thuwadaratrakool (Cargill Inc., Thailand)

    Group 5: June 18 - 30 (Tilapia hatchery and grow-out farming)
    This training session attracted a wide range of participants; farm managers, researchers to a lecturer and a full professor. Interestingly, a lecturer who handles a large tilapia project
    attended the course flying all the way from southern Mexico. More interestingly, Bangladeshi group constituted one half of the group in which some of the farm managers were weak in
    English. To assist them and explain in Banglaa, former Director General of Department of Fisheries joined the group on behalf of WorldFish Center.

    1. Dr Antonio Campos Mendoza (Lecturer, Mexico)
    2. Giang Nguyen (Cargill Inc., Vietnam)
    3. Ahmed Said AL-Sooti (Researcher, Oman)
    4. Prof Mehdi Soltani (Professor, Iran)
    5. Dr Ali Taherimirkahed (Researcher, Iran)
    6. Md. Rafiqul Islam (Former DG, DoF, Bangladesh)
    7. Md. Mizanur Rahman (Manager, Bangladesh)
    8. Md. Abu Bakkar Khan (Manager, Bangladesh)
    9. Mr. Motahar Hossain Sarder (Manager, Bangladesh)
    10. Mr. Abdus Salam (Manager, Bangladesh)
    11. Mohammad Abu Sufian (BRAC Hatchery, Bangladesh)

    Group 6: September 2-12 (Hands-on Tilapia breeding and grow-out farming)
    A group of 12 participants from Bangladesh alone took part in the hands-on tilapia training and work experience.
  1. Mohammod Jillur Rahman
  2. Neamul Ahsan Chowdhury
  3. Shovan Khan Sabuz
  4. Aashish Kumar Roy
  5. Durin Akhter Jahan
  6. Dr Md. Shaha Ali
  7. Md. Aminul Islam
  8. Khan Asaduzzaman
  9. Md. Zamal Uddin
  10. ABM Arman Hossain
  11. Mahabubur Rahman
  12. Pronab Kumar Biswas

    Group 7:September 12-18 (Training and Study Tour on Sea bass and Shrimp farming)
    A group of 11 participants from Bangladesh alone took part in the hands-on tilapia training and experience.
  1. Quazi A.Z.M. Kabir
  2. Abdullah Al Masum
  3. Md Kamruzzaman
  4. Motahar Hossain Sarder
  5. Md. Masudur Rahaman
  6. A.K.M. Aminur Islam
  7. Mohammad Shafi Ullah
  8. Mohammad Azharul Haque
  9. Sudipta Mukheyee
  10. Partho Pratim Debnath
  11. Shahabuddin???

    Group 8:September 20-28 (Aquaculture Development Value Chain Analysis):

  1. Mr Pear - Assistant to the Minister of Fisheries
  2. Mr Sanjib Sannamat - Upazila Fisheries Officer, Babugonj,  Barisal
  3. Mrs Shabnam Mostary - Research Officer, Department of Fisheries, Dhaka
  4. Mrs Ayesha Siddiqa - Research Officer,  Department of Fisheries, Dhaka
  5. Mr Amirul Islam - Senior Scientific Officer, BFRI, Jessore
  6. Mr Md. Azhar Ali - Scientific Officer, BFRI, Paikgacha, Khulna
  7. Mr Biswajit Mondal - Narayanganj
  8. Md Mizanur Rahman - Jessore
  9. Md Ershadul Islam - Jamalpur
  10. Mr Rupan Kumar Basak-Kishoreganj
  11. Mr Ashoke Kumar Sarker - Rajbari
  12. Mr Golam Mohammad Moshiur Rahman - Mymensingh

    Group 9: Oct 8 - 20 (Tilapia culture)
  1. Staniloiu Ion Alaxandru (Malawi)
  2. Odary Paddington Ndonga (Kenya)
  3. Felix Muthomi Kithinji (Kenya)
  4. Mulama Victoria Okoma (Kenya)
  5. Ondu Charles Joshua Ouma (Kenya)
  6. Andan Ali (India)
  7. Dr K. Karal Marx (India)
  8. Harun Rashid - Bangladesh
  9. Nazmul Hasan - Bangladesh

    Group 10: January 14-26, 2013 (Tilapia culture)
  1. Mansur Alam - Bangladesh (EON Group)
  2. Erik Rotsaert - Belgium (Private)
  3. Damien Legros - Belgium (Private)
  4. Rajeev Kumar - India (Private)
  5. Mr Robby Woodruff (USA - intern)

    Group 11: March 29 - April 12 (Aquaculture Business Management and Extension)
  1. U Than Zaw Han - Administrator of General Administrator Department, Twantay Township
  2. U Myo Thu – Staff Officer, Agriculture Department, Twantay Township
  3. Dr Aye Thinzar Khine –Staff Officer,Department of livestock and Fishery,Twantay Township
  4. U Aung Thaung Oo- Staff Officer,Departmanet of Fishery,Twantay Township
  5. Daw Chaw Chaw Khin Khin - National Adviser (few days)
  6. Dr Win Myint - National Director
  7. Daw Ei May Khine - Project Secretory
  8. U Khin Maung Mya - Field Coordinator
  9. Daw Su Su Haling - Admin Support Staff
  10. Daw Nwe Nwe Tun - Field Manager, Aquaculture & Fisheries

    Group 12: April 22-May 4, 2013 (Tilapia culture) - few seats are available, pls contact:
  1. Decarme Christian, Private Consultant, Belgium
  2. Khop Narayan - ED, MDI (NGO), Nepal
  3. Larabas Maa El Aynine, Private Sector, Morrocco
  4. Abu Bakar, Khairul Rizal  WorldFish, Penang, Malaysia
  5. Fredy Joseph Shola, Private, Tanzania
  6. Salah Uddin,  Ghulam Din Farm, Pakistan
  7. Muhammad Shahid Iqbal, Tawakhal Hatchery (Private), Pakistan
  8. Frank D. Lawrence, Private, Nigeria

    Group 13: May 27-31, 2013 (Catfish Breeding and Grow-out Farming)

    Group 14: June 17 - 29, 2013 (Tilapia culture) - completed.
    Group 15: August 22 - 18 2013 (Tilapia hatchery and grow-out) - a group from Myanmar and Iran attended
    Group 16: Oct 21 - Nov 2: Tilapia hatchery and grow-out (planned for Pacific Islanders - completed)
    Group 17: January 13 - 25, 2014: participants (7) from various countries
    Group 18:  Jan 23- 25, 2014: Study Tour - Sea bass, prawn, Snake head etc.
    Group 19: Feb 20-23, 2014: Study tour to Senior Executives of Quality Aqua Breed, Bangladesh
    Group 20: June 16-18, 2014 - Tilapia Hatchery and Grow-out - 7 participants from Benin, Laos, Singapore, India, Vietnam and Zimbabwe
    Group 21: June 28-July 12 - Tilapia Hatchery and Grow-out -  Pakistani Group of 7 participants from American Soybean Association
    Group 22: Aug 25-27, 2014 - Study tour for the participants from San Miguel, Philippines and Malaysia.
    Group 23: Sept 7-17, 2014- 22 participants from Bangladesh supported by Innovision, Pangasius Breeding and Aquaculture Tour
    Group 24: Sept 24-Aug 4: CRAB Breeding and Fattening: a group of 15 participants from Myanmar received training organized by AIT in collaboration with Rajmangala University,
    Training. Participants learned some background about crab breeding / farming and then observe and practice in Trang, Krabi and Ranong

    Group 25: Dec 1-12, 2014: Tilapia Hatchery and Grow-out Farming - 5 participants from SPC (Secretariat of Pacific Island Countries), and 3 others from Bangladesh, India/Myanmar
    and Pakistan joined this training.

    Group 26: Feb 15-21, 2015: 19 participants from RISM Project, Ministry of Agricultural Devt, Nepal
    Group 27: Feb 22-28, 2015: 19 participants from RISM Project, Ministry of Agricultural Devt, Nepal
    Group 28: March 6-19, 2015: 14 participants from Myanmar for Tilapia Hatchery and Grow-out farming
    Group 29: March 6--April 13: 2 participants from Oman for Tilapia Hatchery and Grow-out Farming
    Group 30: June 1-13, 2015 - 8 participants from Pakistan and 1 from PNG for Tilapia Hatchery and Grow-out farming
    Group 31: June 6-16, 2015 - 17 participants from Myanmar for Shrimp and sea bass farming
    Group 32: June 16-26, 2015 - 5 persons from Bangladesh Agri. Research Institute (BARI) including DG.
    Group 33: June 22-July 4, 2015 - Tilapia Hatchery and Grow-out, 16 participants from Cameroon, Cote D'Voire, Jordan, Laos, Malaysia, Nigeria and Sudan
    Group 34: July 6-12, 2015 - Catfish, Shrimp and Sea bass - 7 persons
    Group 35: July 13-19, 2015: Agriculture Value Chain, 28 participants from High Mountain Agribusiness and Livelihood Improvement (HIMALI) program, Ministry of Agri Devt, Nepal