During or upon the completion of internship, all the interns are requested to rate in the scale of 10 - 1 (Excellent - Worst) and also
    provide their comments and suggestions. The followings were the questions asked:

    Did you get adequate guidance/information for preparation before you leave your university?
  1. Please comment on, and rate the work place(s) and living conditions i.e. food, accommodation, safety etc.
  2. How welcoming did you feel at the host organization or did you receive adequate help from staff and students?
  3. Was your work similar to the one you were expecting?
  4. How valuable or relevant do you think your internship work is for your career?
  5. Do you suggest your placement and similar work for your friends, juniors and others?
  6. Please feel free to provide us your comments/suggestions for the improvement of the program.

    Part I: Some of the interns have provided their feedback and/or report. Some others have given face-face interviews, giving
    general comments / suggestions. Please click on their names to read their reports or what they say about the program:

  1. Preston Jones (New York, USA)
  2. Gladys (Ghent University, Belgium)
  3. Michael Chevalley (Montpellier, France)
  4. Sonia (Aveiro, Portugal) has published a peer reviewed journal article
  5. Susana (Aveiro, Portugal)
  6. Jason from Malaysia - has a letter from the field
  7. Rhaul Oliviera - from Brazil
  8. Nikki Van Os - South African / British and her article published WAS - Magazine
  9. Mulako from Zambia
  10. Txomin Azpeitia from Spain
  11. Mark Woollard - from UK who assisted publication of magazine articles such as: Article 1 & Article 2
  12. Saloni Shivam from India who went to Bangladesh, Nepal and Thailand
  13. Nicolas Mazurier - from Spain who was with AwF-Nepal in Oct, 2011

    Part II: Internship reports of the Asian students (internship was within their countries):
Feedback / Reports of Internship work
    Batch 1:
    Batch 2
    Batch 3
    Md. Farhad Hossain  
    Naznin Nahar  
    Mr. Zohura Khatun  
    Md. Barkatul Alam  
    Md. Shahadat Hossan  
    Md. Jakiul Islam  
    Ulfat Jahan Lithi
    Md. Rajib Sharkar
    Md. Waheduzzaman
    A.H.M. Mohsinul Reza
    Zannatul Ferdous
    Rayahana Yeasmin
    Kanij Rukshana Sumi
    Lipi Rani Bhowmik
    Md. Tarikul Islam
    Md.Adibul Islam
    Md. Sultan Mahmud
    Md. Arshad Bin Shahid
    Nabin Khanal
    Gopal Prasad Lamsal
    Hare Ram Devkota
    Kamala Gharti
    Gopi Chalise
    Ramesh Jaiswal
    Mahesh Gupta
    Madhav Dahal
RIA1, Vietnam
    Mr. Ngo Van Chien
    Ms. Dang Thi Thanh
    Mr. Hoang Hong Chung
    Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa
    Report: all combined
    Vu Xuan Tich
    Chu Chi Thiet
    Tran Thi Kim Anh
    Nguyen Anh Hieu
    Le Van Thanh
UAF- Vietnam
    Diep Tu Tam
    Vo Thi Thanh Binh
    Do Ngoc Cam Tu
    Pham Cong Thanh
    Nguyen Thi Truc Quyen
    Mai Anh Tuan
    Bui Thi Hien
    Nguyen Thi Bach Mai

    Nguyen Thuy Hang
    Nguyen Thi Kieu Tuyen
    Nguyen Van Phuong