Welcome to our internship placements!

    If you are a University student looking for an internship placement, please go through the list of projects given below and
    select one of them for your life changing experience. Please note that the projects listed here are a few samples from our
    large numbers of host organizations under development. Please contact us for more projects if you don't find one that suits
    you. We also appreciate if you have any suggestions for the new projects. After you have completed you will receive a
    certificate of work experience shown on the right.

    We look for expanding our network. For the time being, project list/category by country are given below. Please click on the
    project codes shown below e.g. TH2 to open the file for the details of TH2 - AIT Hatchery. To see the work reports submitted
    by interns who have done, please click on the 'Reports' bar of the main menu on the left. If you have any problem please
    contact us.
    TH2 - AIT Hatchery, Bangkok (interns who have done this)
    TH3 - Uthai Phan Pla, Ayuthaya
    TH4 - Teaching Aquaculture / Fisheries and related subjects
    TH5 - Survey Research
    TH6 - Aqua-ponics at AIT
    TH7 - Catfish hatchery, Pathumthani
    TH8 - Natural Resource Management
    TH9 - Assist in publication of books and articles

    B) Nepal
    NP1 - Women's Fish Farming Cooperative, Kathar, Chitwan
    NP2 - Machhapuchhre Fishing Community, Pokhara
    NP3 - Rainastar Women's Fish Farming Group, Lamjung - AwF-Nepal project
    NP4 - IAAS Farm and Lab, Chitwan
    NP5 - Bhandara Fish Farm, Chitwan
    NP6 - Kawasoti Women's Cooperative, Nawal Parasi
    NP7 - Begnas Fisheries Station, Pokhara

    C) Vietnam - North
    NV1 - Environmental monitoring
    NV2 - Freshwater Biodiversity / breeding center
    NV3 - Marine Biodiversity
    NV4 - Cold water biodiversity / fish breeding
    NV5 - RIA1-Research Station and post-graduate institution
    NV6 - Marine fish farming, Cat Ba, Halong Bay
    NV7 - Fish feed mill

    C) Vietnam - South
    SV1 - Mangrove Conservation, Southern Vietnam
    SV2 - Shrimp Farm, Southern Vietnam
    SV3 - Novus Aqua Research Lab., Nong Lam Univ, CHM City
    SV4 - Research Center, Nha Trang University, Nha Trang
    SV5 - Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 1 (RIA-1), Hanoi
    SV6 - Phu Huu Tilapia Hatchery
    SV7 - Minh Anh Tilapia Farm
    SV8 - Pangasias Catfish farm
    SV9 - Can Tho University and surroundings
    SV10-Nha Trang University, Sea Farm

    D) Bangladesh
    BD1 - Reliance Aqua Farms and Hatchery Limited
    BD2 - Ma Farm - A Private fish farm
    BD3 - Agro-3 hatchery and fish farms
    BD4 - Royal Fish Farm Ltd.
    BD5 - Brahmaputra Hatchery Ltd.
    BD6 - Shushamo Feed Limited.,
    BD7 - Cage culture in Chandpur
    BD8 - More to add...

    Please contact us if you are interested in one of the following countries/placements, or give us the new names if you or your
    colleagues are interested in joining internship.

    E) China
    CH1 - Shanghai Ocean University
    CH2 - coming soon more

    F) India
    IN1 - Central Fisheries Research Institute
    IN2 - coming soon more

    G) Malaysia
    MY1 - WorldFish Center, Penang
    MY2 - coming soon more

    H) The Philippines
    PH1 - St. Mary's Tilapia Hatchery, Los Banos
    PH2 - Coming soon

    i) Malawi
    MW1 - Bunda College, Bunda
    MW2 - coming soon more

    J) Zambia
    ZA1 - Department of Fisheries (DoF), Lusaka
    ZA2 - NARDC (National Aquaculture Research & Development Center), Mkera
    ZA3 - Savanna Farm
    ZA4 - Aqua Farms (Kafue)

    Many more interesting placements are coming soon............!

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